CoremanNet –

the service for your core return!


Customer of our co-operation partner can inform us directly and we will collect the cores. After a few days you receive your money.

We support company structures across borders, e.g. purchasing co-operations. In addition, you can send in your cores prior to any purchase and then later on have the possibility of purchasing a similar reman unit without surcharge.


We compensate the cores with the valid surcharge value at the time of your purchase.

The FIFO-balancing is the guaranty for the wholesaler to be credited exactly the core-value he has paid with the purchase of the reman-part.


In case of your interest you are welcome to visit our core sorting stations with your responsible customer service assistant. And of course your customers are invited too.

Detailed information on core return or balance sheets and compensations at unit number level are always available. Our expert team gladly supports you in the optimisation of the Core-Management and answers any questions you may have.