Frequently asked questions


CoremanNet manages the core return and refund for defined automotive exchange parts of CoremanNet-partners. Currently the following products and return criteria you can find here.

To every exchange part there is one or more exchangeable core.

CoremanNet does not only accept cores of the CoremanNet-partners but also cores of other manufacturers. The assignment of exchangeable cores to exchange parts is shown in the Return List.

All listed material numbers are exchangeable.

All cores have to meet defined technical minimum criteria to release the refund of the core value. Detailed description of return criteria can be seen in the following documents.
Yes. Cores from other manufacturers will be accepted. The material numbers and the assignment to exchange parts are shown in the Return List.

The basic requirement is that the material number must be included into the return list of CoremanNet-partners.

The core-value will be credited if you have bought a matching reman-part 18 month before the core-return and you did not yet return a core referring to this purchase. In addition, you have the option to use the core-bank. This means that additional cores can be accepted to be credited later or even paid out immediatly. Please refer your key-account-manager to set up of the core-bank-option for your account.

Condition of acceptance

Cores can be returned to inspection / selection at any time. The core value will be refunded in case a corresponding exchange part (according to return list) has been bought within the last 18 months without having returned an assigned core.
Yes. In relation to the purchased quantity per exchange part within the last 18 months 110% of all technically accepted cores will be refunded with full core value. If the customer has not agreed upon bank functions, all core returns exceeding the 110% by another 10% will be credited with 50% of the core value. Any core return beyond this will be credited with a basic value.
To know the core calue you have to multiply the points per product with the exchange rate. Please contact your Key Account Manager for details.

You have the choice - CoremanNet can return you the cores or accept it and refund at a later time (handling through bank). Please ask your key account manager about the possibilities.

You have the choice - CoremanNet can return you the cores or accept it and refund at a later time (handling through bank). Please ask your key account manager about these possibilities

CoremanNet's flexibility allows you to uncouple the reman-purchase and core-return within a period of 18 months.

In case that bank functions have been agreed upon, these cores will be accepted and recorded as "over returns" in the balance. With a purchase of a corresponding reman part within the following 18 month consequently the surcharge value – that usually has to be paid with the purchase – will be charged against the bank ("purchase without surcharge"). Unused "over returns" will be refunded with a basic value after 18 months. You can get further information from your key account manager.

CoremanNet - balance

In the balance we keep the records on exchange part level how many parts have been bought and how many parts have been refunded against core returns within the current time period. Additionally you can see how many cores per exchange part could still be refunded against full core value (“core owed”) and how many parts are recorded as “over returns” on the bank.
You are allowed to return any number of cores. Full core value will be refunded for the quantity shown as “core owed” in the balance.
This info can be seen as „accepted cores“ in the balance.

All core returns are refunded against the oldest purchase on the corresponding exchange part within the time period. If a core value has been changed within the time period, two different values may appear on the selection protocol. You will always be refunded the core value that has been paid with the purchase of the exchange part. Herewith we assure that changes of core values are not disadvantageous for you.

Any core accepted for goodwill will be refunded with the current core value.


All cores should be returned in the original packing. Consequently the core is sheltered during transportation and the identification is made easier. This is called “back-in-box”.
CoremanNet-partners will bear the expenses for the core return to the responsible core selection station if the defined logistics minimum requirements are met (quantity / weight). Please check with your Key Account Manager about these minimum requirements.